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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Quick Links on the Economy

Dr. Douglas O. Walker
Robertson School of Government

Some links to videos on economic subjects and RSG events:

1. Nouriel Roubini, a professor of economics at New York University, discussing the financial crisis at the London School of Economics can be accessed here along with other videos from the LSE. In contrast to most observers, the renown “Dr. Doom” suggests that financial crises are more

common than usually thought and come in many different forms. A discussion of his talk and a link to the LSE video can be found through this link.

2. Greg Mankiw links to this video from Mark Perry on using U.S. paper dollar bills to study human mobility. It includes an absolutely fascinating way to determine boundaries between political entities using exchanges of paper currency. Perhaps we should use this technique to re-draw the boundaries of our states.

3. Mike "Mish" Shedlock maintains a great blog focusing on economics and finance. In this post (scroll down a bit past the gorilla), he has a hilarious video of a British Minister and his Permanent Secretary differing on a matter of economic policy. Learning how the Minister overcomes the opposition of the department's bureaucrats (or does he?) is worth time spent listening to it.

4. Here is a link to the well-known "Free to Choose" series on economics hosted by Milton Friedman. It links to both the original 1980 series and the 1990 update series. Timeless. Well worth watching each segment.

5. Videos of events and lectures taking place in the Robertson School of Government can be found at this web page.

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