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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Quick Links on the Economy by Dr. Douglas O. Walker

Here are five links to articles on the Internet dealing with current economic topics:

1. Views of whether Bernanke should be re-confirmed as Fed Chief. In my view, Tyler Cowen offers the best reasons to retain Bernanke and Yves Smith the best reasons to dump him.

2. Quick read on the current state of the U.S. economy. According to Professor Hamilton, the U.S. economy is recovering but it is slow and painful.

3. Is the global debt bomb going to explode? The global financial system is a mess and the continuing rise in sovereign debt doesn’t help.

4. Robert Samuelson on Obama’ proposed freeze on spending. To Samuelson, $250 billion saved over the course of a decade is peanuts. He’s right.

5. Russ Roberts and John Papola’s rap video on Keynes and Hayek. Great fun. Note the many specialized economic terms -- sticky wages, aggregate demand, circular flow, paradox of thrift, animal spirits, and many more -- that have been integrated into this excellent video. And the message of these two great economic thinkers -- “I want to steer markets” as opposed to “I want to free markets” -- is summarized nicely. Highly recommended.

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